Final exam

Group project



Revit-Re Design

Produkt Design - Crane

Produkt Design - Vice

Produkt Design - Skateboard

Project Assignment

Inventor - Raspberry Pi3 Case

CAD - Globe Valve


You are free to design the longboard deck as you see fit, while the remaining components must be modelled according to specifications

A reflective report of the final design. The report should describe how your design fulfils the required criteria listed above and include a reflective conclusion.
Remember to highlight possible advantages your design presents; i.e. shape, style, color etc. This is a document where you should be selling your design,
    feedback from the school:
    - Good research
    - Design is well described. Good that you have thought about the user of your product as well and adjusted the measures.
    - Dwf is good, but you only had to deliver 1 DWF of the 3D models. Technical drawings were not necessary, but it is positive that you practiced making drawings as well.
    - Assemblies open without any warnings, good!
    - Good modelling work. Your hanger is not exactly like the one you were given from the assignment. Since you have explained in your report why you chose this design for the hanger, I will approve it.

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Longboard bamboo-carbion fiber-bamboo with panda
Part list drawing
Partlist 3D
Constrains between pivot cup and hanger
Setting the parts together
The board is done, constrains works,
Size change with iLogic

Used Autodesk Inventor