Final exam

Group project



Revit-Re Design

Produkt Design - Crane

Produkt Design - Vice

Produkt Design - Skateboard

Project Assignment

Inventor - Raspberry Pi3 Case

CAD - Globe Valve


Re-design a house.Modernlook and double garage on the side. Windows-roof-inside walls, can be changed.

    feedback from the school:
    The dwf you were asked to deliver included only the 3D modell. I can see that you went the extra mile and created sheets which is great. However, it seems that you have exported ALL of your views and that is not correct. What would be correct in this case is if you exported the 3D modell and ONLY the sheets you created.
    Your work in revit is very well implemented and it seems that you have a good understanding of phases.

Before - After drawing with demolish-existering and new building functions.

Used Revit

download PDF with more drawing details