Final exam

Group project



Revit-Re Design

Produkt Design - Crane

Produkt Design - Vice

Produkt Design - Skateboard

Project Assignment

Inventor - Raspberry Pi3 Case

CAD - Globe Valve


During my last couple of months and for my exam i got an opportunity from ario.AS to be with the company as practice.

Rebuild from CAD to Revit and vizualisering.
    feedback from the school:
  • Technical Drawings
    The technical drawings are presented in a good way, it is clear that the company has a good structure of how such drawings should be presented. Good use of Grids, section views and dimensions. Few overlapping annotations. Layouts are optimized and all drawings have the correct scale. The student has successfully added fa├žade, perspective views, schedules and room legends.
  • Modelling
    Both models have high complexity and details. The models contain self-produced elements and are
    modelled with high accuracy
  • Visualisation
    The overall visualisation of the project is good. The student has done a good job with textures in the house Rummelhof, but, there are no interior renders. In the matter of fact, it is just one Render from 3Ds max.
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Main floor, variations
Main floor, variations - drawing
Sun position
Sundbygarden - small children playground
Sun analysis
2nd level-livingroom
2nd level - attic room
2nd level terass

Used Revit and Enscape

download PDF with more drawing details