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Produkt Design - Crane

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Inventor - Raspberry Pi3 Case

CAD - Globe Valve


    On NET You can usually see the layout, pictures from the area, about the house, some detail pictures.

    As an expert all this says a lot. As a normal person a little less. Need a drawing about furniture’s on the layout: Will it fit?
    How big is 3*4m?
    What will I see from the windows?
    How is it to move around in the house?
    That is the walkthrough!
    The walkthrough is mainly for the buildings! You can walk into every room, go around the furniture, climb up on the hill, look out on the window and get the closest view right.
    With bigger projects it can be fantastic, that you want to live on 2nd or 3rd floor?
    This or that building?
    This or that side of the stairs?
    Which apartment do you like?
    Which window should look south?
    How is the sun changing during the day?

    Set together a prospect and have a virtual tour around the property and in the house.

    Let me help you to sell your project faster

    From this: -

    To THIS! Single house with its surrounding area
    Single house with they area only
    A full apartment complex with surrounding area, playground, parking...